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TERMS OF USE AND LEGAL NOTICE (hereinafter , the Web) is an online platform for publishing projects seeking funds for its realization. GENERAL INFORMATION OF THE WEB

In compliance with the provisions of Article 10 of Law 34/2002 , of July 11 , services of the information society and electronic commerce (hereinafter , " LSSICE " ) , the following provides general information website :

Web Holder: Sandra Barrilaro; DNI.: 14252745J; Domicilio: C/ Guadalquivir, 4, 28292 El Herreño, Madrid, España; E-mail:; Phone: 677256526.


The Web :
User: Anyone who accesses the Web , either as Creator, as Patron or as Guest.
Creator : Every user has a project posted on the Web.
Patron : Any user who made ​​some contribution to a project posted on the Web.
Guest : Any user browsing the Web without being registered or without logging .
Purpose of funding: Contributions you need a project to be carried out .
Campaign: Period 40 or 80 days during which the project published on the Web by the Creator remains open to input from the Maecenas .
Contribution : The Maecenas allocates resource to a project of interest published on the Web.

These Terms of Use govern user access to the Web , and its use to post projects or make contributions to projects. Just surf the Web and use it either as a Guest user as a user or as a user Maecenas Creator implies knowledge and acceptance of these Terms of Use and all terms included therein.

All matters not expressly provided for in these Terms of Use shall be construed in accordance with current Spanish legislation . In case of unsolvable controversy that may arise between a User and Web Holder regarding the services provided by the Web, you may submit the resolution of such dispute to the courts for the domicile of the holder Website , except that otherwise specified by law .

The holder of the Website reserves the right to make changes to these Terms of Use , as well as on any other web content , without prior notice and at the time the holder Website deems appropriate . Because they surf the Web , the user accepts any changes that may arise in this Terms of Use by Holder's intervention the Web. Also, the holder Website at any time may suspend access to the website or one of its parts , either temporarily or permanently , leaving the holder Website disclaims any prejudice resulting from such action.


The Guest user can browse the web freely in the village without registering . By contrast , both the user and the user Creator Patrons must register on the Web in order to , respectively , publish your web project or making a contribution through the Web . The data provided by the user must be accurate and truthful . Otherwise , the Holder of the Website reserves the right to terminate the User's account incurred in such circumstances , as well as the right to take legal action that may be relevant to such fraudulent actions. In any case the user may register for someone else .


The use of the website is subject to the legal age of the user. Only a legal adult user can use the services offered by the Web. By accepting these Terms of Use, you acknowledge that you have reached the legal age required by Spanish laws or their country .

The User guarantees that at all times make proper use of the Web , set to the Terms of Use of the same and in accordance with the provisions of Spanish law and their country . The User agrees not to introduce Web any content that is racist , insulting , homophobic and generally any content that infringes or may infringe the laws of the Spanish State and in their country of origin.

Also, the User agrees not to introduce viruses or other malicious programs on the Web , it undertakes not to introduce anything that constitutes false advertising, unlawful or unfair agrees not to introduce false content that does not correspond with reality is agree not to violate intellectual property rights ; agree not to disseminate information that could violate the privacy of others , the law of personal data or privacy of communications .

The User also agrees to indemnify the Contractor from the Web from any claim arising from the breach by the User of these or other standards reflected in the General Conditions of Use

The owner of the Site may terminate the account of the user who violates the above provisions or any other provision contained in these Terms of Use, and reserves the right to take legal action as deemed appropriate as a result of damages arising from the breach by the User of any clause in these General Conditions of Use


The publication of Web projects is free. Publishing a Web project does not guarantee the achievement of the objective of financing or the success of the project .

Provided that a campaign is successful when before the end of the period prescribed by their Creator ( 40 or 80 days) to achieve has been achieved contributions equal or exceed the target set at the beginning of this campaign .

The Web will transfer to the bank account provided by the Creator 's total Contributions received during his campaign cash after deducting 5 percent commission charged by the Web by the mediation service provided and the fees charged by the payment Kutxabank card through your POS and transfer costs of the total project 's account .

For cash contributions of up to 23 euros , Kutxabank charged EUR 0.30 per each contribution for contributions above 23 euros , Kutxabank charges 1.30 percent of each contribution. Regarding the cost of transferring the sum to the account of the project, if the account is in Spain Kutxabank charged 1.5 euros ; when out of Spain , the charges amount to 30 euros . The changes that may occur in these figures would be publicly reported by the Web.

The 5 percent over the web made ​​on the total amount of contributions received during the Campaign Creator entail the issuance of an invoice in the name of the Creator , which will be sent to your email address .

If the campaign is unsuccessful and therefore not reached Objective hundred percent of funding sought , the project is considered canceled and all money contributed by Maecenas full returns are those within a maximum Maecenas 15 days after the end of the campaign. In this case, does not generate any fees .

Upon receiving the full amount of funds after a successful campaign on the Web, the Creator will be solely responsible for any taxes and tax liabilities that may arise for him / her in the act of receiving these funds .

The Creators , once obtained the funding for the project through the Web , they can not carry out its project in the time specified by them , are required to return fully to their Patron the money raised . Otherwise, the Website reserves the right to take legal action against such Creators and provide all information relating thereto Maecenas users who want to take legal action against such creators as well as to the competent authority if necessary .

Also, the Creator promises to meet commitments made ​​to its Patron during his campaign , must meet those commitments in the period and manner specified by the Creator during the Campaign . If you can not meet those commitments , the Creator must repay in full to the Maecenas affected the value of the contributions that they made ​​at the time the plan of the Creator , accepting that the Web in no case may assist you in this effort and shared responsibility in the circumstances. Failing that, the Creator must reach an agreement with their Maecenas to be released from the obligation to comply with the Undertakings. Otherwise , the Creator will be exposed to possible legal action by the Patron and / or the Web .

Any interaction with the Web (sending information, questions , etc. . ) To occur from the user's account will be deemed Creator made ​​by the Creator Himself . If the Creator suspect your user account Web is being used by third parties without your consent , you must notify the web as soon as possible by sending an email to .

The Creator gives permission to the Web to communicate their identity to Maecenas users of your project once it has been successfully funded through the Web .

Apart from the people involved in a project, shall be deemed such a project has a single charge , known as the Creator of this project, which will be individually identified and individually subject to the rights and obligations associated with your User account on the Web and published in the web project .

The Creator promises to keep on a stand of your choice ( CD , pendrive , computer, etc. ) all the contents of the project be published on the Web , well until his campaign Web unsuccessfully completed either until the project materialize if the campaign is successful .

The Creator will not use the funds raised through the Web to finance illegal activities or engage in misrepresentation or contradiction with the stated aims of the project.


The Economic Contributions Maecenas users to projects that are of interest are made by credit or debit card and through the payment gateway (TPV ) of Kutxabank . All transactions operated on the site are guaranteed and protected by the security protocol Kutxabank provisions .

For every contribution made ​​by the Patron , Kutxabank charges a fee of 0.30 euros for Contributions of up to 23 euros , and 1.30 percent for Contributions above 23 euros. This money is automatically deducted from the amount contributed by the Patron at the time of payment through POS Kutxabank .

The contribution that an Patrons have made to a project that ultimately failed to achieve its goal of funding will be returned in full and automatically (including commission previously deducted by Kutxabank POS ) to Maecenas in a maximum period of 20 days from the day end of the Campaign.

The patron can cancel your contribution at any time , provided that the campaign has not expired or has not yet reached its funding goal . The cancellation of a contribution involves the cancellation of the charge corresponding to the amount contributed .

The contribution of a Maecenas in no event shall a purchase , so that the Web is not required to issue an invoice or receipt some at the request of Maecenas to credit your contribution .

By accepting these Terms of Use, the Maecenas grants permission to the Web to communicate their identity to the Creator of a project that has supported and has been successfully funded . These data identifying the Creator to fulfill the commitments made to the Maecenas during his campaign .


Websites linked by the Creator in your page Web project shall comply at all times with the Spanish law , being the Creator solely responsible for any damages that may arise in the case of illegal content link being exonerated Holder web of legal consequences that may arise from such links .

If the user is satisfied that through the Web are supplied links to illegal contents , shall inform those responsible for the Web , you must act with due diligence to remove links on the Web to such illegal content. In any case , the Website reserves the right to cancel the Campaign Creator if you understand that the Creator has linked to these illegal contents despite having knowledge of the situation of illegality thereof.


The owner of the web site states that it is only a bridge that connects the Creators with Maecenas, and therefore does not guarantee that all information posted by users is accurate and true Creator . It is the user Maecenas ensure the accuracy and veracity of the information contained in a project before making your contribution to the project.

The owner of the Web can not be held liable for damages for viruses and malware that may arise from User's access to the Web. The User, and not to the Web , have the proper tools for detection and control of malware that may appear occasionally in the Web .

The owner of the Web can not be held responsible for any wrongdoing associated with a project eventually published on the Web if unknown fact or has acted against that fact quickly and diligently.

The owner of the Web can not be held responsible for the actions of the Creators to post their projects on the Web. Creator User is solely responsible for complying with your project and the commitments made to its Patron . Therefore, any claim to that effect by a Maecenas should be directed to the Creator of the project which has given its contribution , and in any case to the Site or the Owner of the Web .

The holder of the Website reserves the right to cancel a project posted on the Web if you think the Creator of the project violates or has violated any provision contained in this Terms of Use or is acting or has acted contrary to the laws in force in the Spanish State , or for any other reason that the holder website deems appropriate .

The holder of the Website reserves the right to suspend temporarily or permanently the operation of the Web, and may do so at any time and without prior notice, and shall be released from all users , whether Creators , Maecenas or Anonymous for any damage that might result from such a suspension .

The owner of the Web does not necessarily share one hundred percent all the contents of all the Creators projects posted on the Web and should not be inferred , therefore, that the publication of a particular project on the web implies full identification web , web- Holder or individuals making the Web with the contents of the project.

Creator User agrees to indemnify the Contractor from the Web against any damage in relation to the Creator's plan posted on the Web, or against any fact which is charged in connection to the project , and in general against any act of nature legal / judicial natural or legal person may undertake against web or web Holder about the project published on the Web by that Creator.


The Creator user you have some posted on the Web project undertakes not to publish the project in other similar crowdfunding platforms during their campaign in . The breach of this undertaking may result in the termination of his campaign Web and eliminating your User account .


The intellectual property of the projects posted on the website remains fully with their Creator , which nevertheless agree that the holder Website may reproduce and disseminate their projects freely and globally in order to promote them to the extent that the Holder of the Web deems necessary.

User Creator ensures that your project is original, and in no copy , plagiarism or reproduction of another person's work . The user agrees that Creator rights intellectual property of all materials that appear on the contents of your project (music , text, photographs , logos , etc. . ) And the Campaign associated with the project ( for example in the video presentation ) , are properly guarded and secured , declining web Holder any liability that may arise from user's breach Creator.

All corporate imagery and fixed contents of the Web (logos , design, etc. . ) Are owned by the Site or its designers . Access to the Web by the User does not confer any rights to these images and such content.


For the purposes of Organic Law 15/1999 , of December 13 , Protection of Personal Data , and in accordance with Article 5, is reported to Web users that the data collected through forms made available on the Web will be included in a file of personal data , ownership of Sandra Barrilaro , duly declared to the AEPD. Sandra Barrilaro, as Owner of the Web and responsible for the filing, guarantees the rights of access, rectification , cancellation and opposition , and states that respect your privacy and will use the data provided only in relation to the activities of the Web . To exercise these rights , the applicant must send an email to . In relation to the provisions of art. 22.2 of Law 34/2002 , of July 11 , services of the information society and electronic commerce , the Holder reports that Web site uses cookies , User navigation understanding the Web as an acceptance of cookies policy platform.