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Monolithic thinking, the degrading TV universe, the profit-oriented turn of many publishers, cinema as an arm of mass distraction (and just distraction)… There are many reasons for projects on other culture in namlebee to explore other alternatives with you, a different way to rethink art and culture, a different worldview. If you think there is a place for your idea in projects on other culture, just send us your project and we will guide you in the whole process until your campaign is published in namlebee.

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ASHEF  -Recover La Engaña-

Other Culture


ASHEF -Recover La Engaña-

by Dúnia Rossell Vilà / Spain

We are a working community to rehabilitate two buildings of the cheats station in Burgos, to create decent employment generating services that allow us to survive and reconcile. Honoring the workers who built it and all women who take care of their families for longer invisible

10.020€ achieved | obtained

10.020€ achieved

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