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Balkan Flood Relief

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Balkan Flood Relief

Balkan Flood Relief

What happened?

The Balkans are being hit by the worst disaster since the war, many even claim that the floods in the Balkans are more damaging than the war. It has been a real tragedy, but numbers really do not matter. Many people lost their lives, many have not been found yet, many lost their homes, their animals. Much has been lost. With it, this flood has brought to the surface the hidden injustices people are facing. It is related to climate change, but not only that. Although, we are aware that the impacts of a fossil-fuel based economy are devastating for the planet, upon it's stability that we all depend, for most of people it remains an abstract idea until it hits home. Not long ago, the Philippines were hit by the strongest typhoon ever, Ireland and the UK by the super-storm, Slovenia and Croatia faced heavy hail which destroyed half of the forests. The Balkans has experienced the worst natural disaster ever and yet, it’s not easy to connect the dots.

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What we've been doing after the floods:

SCI Serbia has been actively engaged in the nation-wide mobilization of NGO's, volunteers, cycling organizations, musicians, sportsmen and much more. Although the floods took place in western Serbia and partly south of Vojvodina, the consequences have affects on the entire country and everyone must adapt their daily activities to the current situation. Some of the activities and consequences have reached Novi Sad, where we are based, too. Namely, SCI Serbia has been building a local database of volunteers, that has reached up to 100 volunteers who have expressed an interest in helping with various activities that occur in Novi Sad and flooded areas including cleaning activities in Vojvodinian villages on the Danube that were affected, classification and delivery of aid to the Red Cross  that was collected in SCI Serbia's office, planning and organizing a flood relief benefit concert. And of course, continuous help and back up at the office itself and working with SCI Serbia's activists.

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How the money will be used:

We want to raise money to be able to support a Long Term Volunteer in Serbia and to help the other volunteers and staff in running Flood Relief Activities. This volunteer is very much needed as there are only two full time persons working for SCI Serbia and they are overwhelmed and overloaded already with the current situation.

Our funding goal, 2500 Euros, will be used to roughly cover his/her expenses (food, accommodation, pocket money, transport…) for some months while working in relief activities.

Volunteers’ center of Vojvodina SCI Serbia will be organizing relief workcamps, in order to rebuild homes, but also to rebuild connections among people, and between people and nature. We, all of us, will have to be prepared to respond directly or in solidarity to more events like floods, droughts, and weather extremes. You and us are the example that it’s possible to build another world, by reshaping the existing one. 

Relief workcamps will take place in Krupanj and Paraćin and we are also trying to organize a workcamp in Bosnia. The idea is to have two workcamps in a row in these municipalities. The type of work that volunteers need to do is physical, mostly concentrated on repairing the damage that was caused by floods. Help is needed in the areas with garbage removal, disinfection, moving the furniture, cleaning, arranging spaces and houses destroyed and damaged by the floods, etc. 

The idea is also to document it all by taking photos that can be later used for exhibitions, as well as making a film about the people and places after the floods, but also about the workcamps as a tool for direct actions in these kinds of situations.  
In order for all of this to take place we need to be highly organised and that is why we feel it would be important to have a volunteer that can be dedicated to focusing on these relief workcamps.

Many thanks for your support. Please contact us for more information.

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330 € achieved

330€ achieved

13% of 2.500€

Volunteers’ center of Vojvodina, SCI's Serbian branch, will be organizing relief workcamps, in order to rebuild homes, but also to rebuild connections among people, and between people and nature. For this to happen they need our support. Together, we can make a difference.

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