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Most of human societies in history have exploited other animal species, and still do it. In our western societies, besides an extended poor treatment of animals, prevail the powerful dynamics of the meat processing industry, where the animals are usually subjected to abhorrent conditions of life and death. In projects on Animal Rights in namlebee we think a different relationship with other species is possible and needed. If you have an idea which may well fit in projects on Animal Rights, just send us your project and we will guide you in the whole process until your campaign is published in namlebee.

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The Rock of the greyhounds

Animal Rights


The Rock of the greyhounds

by Fabio Perianes Santos / Spain

The rock of the greyhounds is a comic that tell us two stories: one of them is about a couple that save a puppy greyhound and the other one show the abuse that these dogs suffer in Spain. We will give part of the money collected to the Galgoleku, adoption and removal of greyhounds.

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3.654€ achieved

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